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Causation is the key to a long-term success in mold control. Fungal growth is almost always due to unwanted moisture intrusion, and our professionals are armed with the knowledge and tools to help diagnose the problem. Also, much of the time, mold grows out of sight: behind walls, under floors, in attics, above ceilings, crawlspaces, etc. There is no substitute for thoroughness and experience in addition to the appropriate instruments to locate hidden mold.

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Our Promise To You

Mid-Atlantic Mold & Restoration
's top priority. We meet or exceed all OSHA and EPA guidelines.

Competitive Pricing
We're efficient and do a high volume of jobs which makes our pricing more affordable than our competitors.

We will provide a free inspection generally within 24 hours and complete the job on time.

Minimal Disturbance
We will make every effort to avoid interruption of business activities.

We maintain a low profile during the job to help safeguard your privacy.


Our team takes great pride in doing every job right and on time.

Receive Professional Help

According to the EPA, a mold infestation of 10 square feet or less can normally be tackled by a non-professional. If you do try it, please follow the EPA Guidelines which include:
  • Proper respiration equipment
  • Eye protection
  • Body protection (Tyvek suit)
  • Gloves
But, another very important step is to take great care in not letting the mold spores become airborne and infect the rest of the house. We build containment areas with plastic sheathing and use negative air machines to accomplish this, but in a small area, just use your common sense and be careful.  

Any questions about doing-it-yourself? Please contact us at 240-577-2158. We would rather you do the job safely than worry about you choosing us to do the work. 
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